AstraZeneca selects Utmost Extended Workforce System to manage non-employees worldwide

AstraZeneca, a global, science-led, patient-focused biopharmaceutical company, has selected Utmost and its modern Extended Workforce System (EWS) to manage their external workforce across 100 countries. Utilizing Utmost Front Door, they not only have the visibility to know who their workers are and where they work, they are able to make informed talent decisions, and plan their workforce mix in a scalable way.

At Utmost, we are transforming how work gets done. This means finding a more strategic approach in talent channel selection and talent engagement. With Utmost Front Door, organizations like AstraZeneca can adjust or influence future hiring decisions in real-time, which guides them to available options to meet their demands.

“AstraZeneca is thrilled to have selected Utmost to support the development of our Total Workforce strategies,” said Will Dempsey, Director, Talent Acquisition – External Resource Management, Systems, Processes & Experiences. “Our externally managed resources continue to play a crucial role in meeting the organisation’s strategic objectives and ultimately, fulfilling our purpose – to push the boundaries of science to bring life changing medicines to patients. Utmost now gives us a scalable solution to manage this extended workforce whilst also increasing the visibility of our total workforce in over 100 countries and supporting the business in securing the talent we need to get work done."

Utmost’s worker-centric extended workforce system allows organizations to manage all external resources, including independent contractors, project-based and SOW workers, outsourced resources,  gig workers, contractors, and freelancers, just as they do for their employees, with full visibility of individuals, skills, and of course, spend. Front Door provides one single, consistent, and manager friendly place to request work.

“We're delighted to welcome AstraZeneca to our growing customer base.  With Utmost, we’ve enabled global workforce visibility, ‘in-the-moment’ labor decisions, and access to increasing talent channels they’ve not had in the past,” said Annrai O’Toole, CEO of Utmost. “Utmost is building innovative solutions for the enterprise and its extended workforce so companies can use their economies of scale to drive efficiencies in one of the fastest growing sectors of their workforce.”

Today, organizations struggle to find highly-skilled talent and must quickly adapt to a changing market and workforce. The business just needs to get work done. Our focus is to make it easy for them to do the right thing and difficult to do the wrong thing with a focus on superior user experience. 

Learn more about how AstraZeneca will benefit from Utmost and how your company can use Utmost to more productively engage your extended workforce at

About Utmost:
Utmost transforms the VMS by managing the entire extended workforce lifecycle from sourcing to paying all workers in one global talent network for high-growth, dynamic companies. A network of enterprises, workers, and suppliers ensures speed of sourcing/deployment and Utmost Front Door provides a single place for managers to request workers or work to be done across every channel of sourcing. Utmost supports all talent categories (staff augmentation, service providers, freelancers, SOW, consultants, etc.) in a single module with flexible workflows to cover complex and changing business needs. Utmost was founded in 2018 by industry leaders Annrai O’Toole, Dan Beck, and Paddy Benson, and is backed by Greylock Partners and Mosaic Ventures.

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