Visibility of Contingent Workers Just Got Easier for Workday Customers

It just got easier to gain full visibility and control of your organization’s contingent workforce with the latest release of Utmost, an extended workforce management system. The newest updates also continue to help users enforce HR compliance and prevent security incidents.

Below are the key improvements we made to create an even better experience for Utmost customers:

Gain control of your extended workforce

Utmost Workday Organization Mangement

See employees, contingent workers, staffing suppliers, and other third-party firms in one org chart through Utmost’s native integration with the Workday Cloud Platform. Utmost is directly linked to the Workday homepage, and users can easily access the tool through single-sign-on with Workday, saving users from having to log into different systems.

Once users enter Utmost, the same supervisory organization structure from Workday is carried over into Utmost. So now you can get a visual representation of your total workforce including contractors, staffing suppliers, and consultants - all in one combined chart.

Then with the dashboard view, users can know the total headcount, top locations, and other key data about their extended workforce. Drill down to better understand different classifications of workers or review worker profiles to understand skills or certifications associated with non-employee workers.

Simplify compliance with corporate policies for non-employee workers

Utmost Compliance Dashboard

Keep track of worker tenure limits, missing emergency contact info, and expired contracts with anomaly detection that alerts users of any serious issues. You can customize the business conditions that will alert the team when corporate guidelines or legal requirements have not been met or have expired. With adjustable severity levels, admins can also filter out which anomalies need urgent attention.

Utmost is not only a system of insight but a system of action. So if there are any issues with certain workers, users can assign members of their team or other departments to resolve the anomaly.

Prevent security incidents associated with contingent labor

Utmost Security Account-Based Access Control

Protect company property and IP through notifications that tell you when external workers still have access so systems or facilities after their contract has expired.

Users can also maintain worker confidentiality with attribute-based access control (ABAC) so you can fine-tune user permissions for hiring managers, talent teams, and the workers themselves

Permissions can be customized by organization membership, worker type, reference codes, system access, and much more. With ABAC, IT and technology teams have far more flexibility to manage users than traditional role-based access control.

Q2 2020: Automate and standardize HR processes by centralizing requests in Workday

Utmost Hiring Manager Support

Save managers’ time and frustration by giving them a single point of entry to request all external workers in Workday.

Utmost makes Workday the single place to request all external workers globally. Managers access Utmost through Workday and will be guided only through the relevant questions for their request. Then the information will be routed to the right team, whether it be the Contingent Workforce Program, HR, Sourcing, Legal, or even the Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managers waste less time with paperwork or figuring out the right process and HR teams deliver a better customer experience.

Q2 2020: Collaborate and communicate with staffing suppliers, workers, and other third-party vendors

Utmost Supplier Profile

Enable better communication and collaboration with your staffing suppliers and external workers. Enterprises can configure and create workflows to help with onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between. Your firm, suppliers, and workers can all interact with each other to complete workflow tasks, including document sharing, e-signing, information population, and more.

To ensure data integrity, workers themselves can be given access to edit their own personal profile so they can keep information like emergency contact details and skills up-to-date.

Q2 2020: Manage project costs and compliance with configurable time-tracking

Utmost Mobile App-1Track time and bill rates for workers across different geographies or projects. Projects can be billed back to specific cost centers, and Utmost can help you manage cost allocation for projects as well as the overall work-breakdown structure of projects and associated workers. Meanwhile, workers can submit timesheets through their mobile device.

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