CWS 2021 Recap: “Total Workforce Visibility – Why Organizations Deem it Critical to Their Success”

The 2021 CWS Symposium Live hosted by Staffing Industry Analysts was held in Arizona this past week, and Utmost’s Head of Client Services, Erika Novak, had the pleasure of hosting a session titled: “Total Workforce Visibility – Why Organizations Deem it Critical to Their Success,” with our client, ChristianaCare’s Divya Sridhar, Director, Shared Services Technology.

ChristianaCare, like many complex organizations, needed a solution that would provide visibility across the entire enterprise, including 10,000+ contingent workers made up of doctors, nurses, students, and healthcare providers. They also required a system that could manage complex dual engagements, track multiple classifications of worker records, and integrate natively with Workday. 

The overarching theme of the summit was increasing focus on how Talent Acquisition, HR, Procurement, and other professionals can facilitate more flexible and agile decisions across their workforce. Divya talked at length about how Utmost provided this opportunity for their organization.

The need for one, unified workforce view

Historically, Divya said, until they moved to Workday, they didn’t have one single platform that embodied Talent Acquisition and core HR functions, and their contingent workforce. They had a system for Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, a source system for managing employee data, another system for managing vendor information, and yet another for contingent worker data. None of the systems integrated in a way that allowed for total workforce visibility. 

During this journey, they started unifying the platforms into Workday and Utmost where they now talk to each other more seamlessly, and allow data to be easily accessible and provide visibility over the entire population. This seamless integration allows hiring managers to have the same user experience and speak the same language in one unified platform for talent management.

This, said Divya, allows ChristianaCare managers to have the information at their fingertips to make informed workforce decisions. 

That unified language has to be relatable to the leaders who are using the system. “How easy is it for me to understand?” she remarked. “If I understand, then I will.” When work needs to be done, you need to fill it with the best person for the job. It doesn’t matter if it’s a contingent worker, a student, or employee. At the end of the day, the leader needs the ability to facilitate the requirement with a person. When you have systems that are innately connected, and the transition between the two is seamless.

Education and involving the community is very important to ChristianaCare, a teaching hospital, and a large portion of their contingent workforce is a student population. As such, there are dual classifications where workers are both students (contingent) working on their residency and employees. They also have volunteers, remote office staff accessing systems (but are not employees), outsourced IT support staff, and other contingent workers like nurses. With Utmost’s single worker profile, they can manage multiple facets of the dual role, including:

    • Employee and contingent worker
    • Contingent worker and multiple contingent worker
    • Volunteer and student
    • Remote office staff and student

Across their entire workforce, Diyva said, communication is critical. “Communicate, communicate, communicate,” she said. Be agile and flexible and empathetic to the organization’s value and brand as they bring diverse talent to work. This should be enabled by technology for higher impact and success for engagement.

Advice for the future

Her advice to others on their total workforce journey? “Have a vision,” Divya said. “No matter how bleak it may seem at first. If you know what you want to go after, have clarity on that mission, and have leadership that backs your vision, you will be on the path to success.”

Finally, Divya addressed what it’s been like working with a start-up. For her, the experience has been about collaboration and partnership. “I heard Utmost say, ‘How can we make this right for you,’ more than any other vendor. It’s not just to please, it’s to get it right.’”

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