Report - HR’s Pivotal Role in Managing the Blended Workforce

According to Ardent Partners research, nearly 43% of the average organization’s total workforce is considered “contingent” or “non-employee,” over doubling in size over the past ten years.
 As the world’s labor pool continues to become more “blended,” with near-equal impact from both traditional FTEs and non-employee workers, there are typically two enterprise functions that can influence how these two pools of talent are engaged, acquired, and managed: procurement and human resources (HR).

In the new Ardent research report, The HR Executive’s Strategic Agenda for the Blended Workforce, we discovered that HR, human capital, and talent acquisition executives have experienced a spike in utilization of non-employee talent, which, of course, begs the question: what is the best way for professionals across these related functions to best derive value and impact from top-tier, highly-skilled workers while also maximizing visibility and control?

The new research study finds that:

  • The majority of HR leaders believe a truly agile workforce will become a high-impact piece of their overall talent pool within the next couple of years.

  • The growth of the blended workforce translates into an opportunity for HR executives to transform total talent management from theory into reality by implementing core and advanced TTM capabilities, such as consistent onboarding and offboarding.

  • The realm of “total talent intelligence” is what will help HR leaders gain enhanced visibility and control over their total workforce, and, subsequently, make more enhanced talent-based decisions regarding current and future utilization of labor, and;

  • The growth of the blended workforce means that HR is well-positioned to become a critical piece of the Future of Work movement.

As the new research study states, “HR’s unique position within the enterprise allows it to influence the workforce through its talent acquisition and recruitment acumen, and, its level of agility. As the non-employee population continues to grow, HR must play a pivotal role in how these workers are managed and drive value across the greater organization.”

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