The Extended Workforce Deserves A Network Of Participants Dedicated To Its Success

Here at Utmost, we are committed to building a Network. We’re building a Network, not just because we think it’s the right thing to do - it is - but because the alternatives just don’t work. There is not a single “owner” of workers, suppliers, or work in an extended workforce. By definition, the workers are not employees of the enterprise (nor usually the suppliers for longer than the engagement). In the extended workforce, there are three distinct actors coming together to perform a specific piece of work. The only way to correctly envision and facilitate these types of collaborations is with a multi-party Network.

Moreover, the Network conveys other benefits to each of the participants:

  • For the worker: Ownership of their data. Portability of their data across multiple engagements with different suppliers and enterprises. The ability to control who and where they work. Agency.
  • For the supplier: The ability to serve multiple customers with a single application. The ability to view and engage workers.
  • For the enterprise: Access to a broader set of suppliers and workers. Efficiencies in not entering the same data for workers.

Legacy systems envisioned a two-party iteration: A VMS modeled the point-to-point connection between an enterprise and a supplier; An FMS modeled the relationship between an enterprise and a worker; and finally, an ATS modeled the integration between a supplier and a worker. Utmost is the first company to build a Network that enables a three-dimensional, multi-party collaboration for the modern world of work.

Utmost is built for the future of work, to get work done. As I’ve said previously, the extended workforce requires a relentless focus on a global talent network that involves the enterprise, supplier, worker, and all systems that support them. Our goal is making this as seamless and scalable as possible with a singular, next-gen platform to manage it all. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post where we will dive into what VMS transformation means to us here at Utmost (hint: it means getting work done).

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