Utmost launches Utmost Connect to automate manual tasks and bring together the growing ecosystem of extended workforce solutions

Today, Utmost, a provider of extended workforce and vendor management solutions, is thrilled to announce we’ve launched Utmost Connect, a new capability to automate manual tasks and integrate with an ecosystem of other software tools. The goal is to better enable companies to engage the external workforce. Utmost Connect provides connections to popular third-party applications, a low-code workflow builder to build and modify integrations and automation, and a growing number of pre-designed solutions for specific use cases.

With the external workforce comprising nearly half of most company's total workforce, managing this population has become enormously complex. Organizations are dealing with fragmented systems, manual processes, and expensive integrations to manage this workforce. Management workflows span traditional HCM systems for placing workers in the company organization hierarchy, financial systems for invoice payments, and IT systems for activities like provisioning, and they operate at both high-speed and volume. Our clients are onboarding and offboarding  thousands of external workers every year – with some engagements as short as a day. 

We believe we deliver unmatched capabilities to manage this complex, global workforce with a single, purpose-built system. We provide the data and the foundation for automating processes across the entire worker lifecycle, enabling time savings, reducing errors, improving compliance, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and attracting the most qualified talent.

“Given the growth, impact, and evolution of the extended workforce, it is critical for today’s businesses to be enabled with access to a variety of systems in how they address how work is done,” said Christopher J. Dwyer, SVP of Research at Ardent Partners and Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange. “Utmost Connect represents an innovation ecosystem approach to the transformative world of work and talent; its seamless and frictionless access to hundreds of solutions truly helps enterprises achieve workforce agility through process efficiency and functionality augmentation.”

For example, if a client wants to allow workers to share their DEI information, Utmost can be configured to capture it and then pass the necessary data into BI tools for reporting. This data can also be sent to HCM systems for connecting workers with relevant resources and communities. 

Companies are increasingly relying on software to get work done. Software providers are, in turn, building an increasing number of innovative solutions for this new world of work. Many companies are asking, “How can I use the best solutions available and make them all work seamlessly?” With Utmost Connect, we enable customers to leverage this growing ecosystem of applications and build their own automation to manage their unique workforce.

We’re excited to announce Utmost Connect is launching with 35 named integrations and use cases. A robust pipeline of additional integrations and automation will be shared throughout 2022.

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