Utmost Q3 Product Release is Smarter, Faster, and Flexible for the Supplier, Worker, and the Enterprise

Enterprises are demanding smarter, faster, flexible enterprise-grade experiences from their extended workforce technologies. This is in addition to the core functionality they need to engage and manage their external talent (all classifications) accurately and effectively.

Utmost introduces an entirely new and different approach to managing your external workforce. Our modern Extended Workforce System (EWS) allows you to manage and engage external resources as you do your employee human capital with full control and visibility of individuals, skills, and spend. 

We are rapidly evolving our platform to deliver functionality to meet the needs of Workday customers and the market. Our Q3 release includes product innovation, such as extending Workday by leveraging Workday data models and business processes, building intelligence into core processes, and creating an experience that supports everyone in the talent ecosystem - enterprises, suppliers, and workers. 

Our continued focus is on: Smarter, Faster, Flexible. Smarter insights that drive action and processes; Faster to automate and reduce workload; and Flexible and malleable to the needs of complex global operations.

In this latest release, you will see continued rapid innovation in our Workday partnership, our Global Work Graph, sourcing and spend functionality, and our focus on data.


We’ve been busy innovating on smarter sourcing, smarter spend, smarter data, and smarter efficiency. On the supplier and enterprise side, we are continuing to invest in functionality that can recognize patterns and drive insights, prompting users to take certain actions. 

Utmost Front Door, the single place for hiring managers to request any worker category regardless of how a person is employed, is even more configurable, with additional misclassification checks and the ability to track variance on recommendations versus a final hiring decision.

On the supplier side, ad hoc, supplier-created invoices from timesheets have been added, as has invoice validation. This prompts supplier corrections before an invoice is created to minimize reconciliation.


Enterprises, and those that support them, need to be agile, scalable, and meet the needs of the workforce quickly. 

At Utmost, the goal is to automate as much as possible and eliminate what you don't need. This shows up in our latest release via our Workday timesheet integration and time clock functionality. There is now the ability to apply rate rules and timecode auto-sync, and import suppliers from Workday directly.

For suppliers, our timesheet export detail can be used in the back office, and we can now allow enterprise permissions. This means companies can now offset some of the worker onboarding and offboarding to suppliers. For example, suppliers can add workers to be onboarded directly versus having a manager keying in the data or following the formal process of creating a pre-identified requisition to source.


Global companies are complex, and they need innovative technology that can keep up and set them up for the future. To do this, flexibility is key. 

For the enterprise, we are building on our bulk data management capabilities with upload and mass data updates and staging data validation, critical to a high velocity extended workforce.  

We’ve also innovated to support complex bill rate structures, including customer-configurable rate structures, flat rates and factors, and complex shift, OT, double-time, and on-call rates supported. We’re also innovating with the management of markups and markdowns, as well as mapping to timecodes for invoice calculations.

On the supplier side, suppliers managing worker data has also been enabled. This means supplier-initiated transactions, data entry between the supplier and the enterprise, and enterprise configuration and security, and permissioning.

If you missed the webinar, please watch it and see our latest demo in action here.

About Utmost

Utmost Extended Workforce System is the talent-focused, next evolution of vendor management software. With Utmost, enterprises gain full visibility into their extended workforce. This enables data-driven talent decisions across HR, Procurement, Finance, and IT. The software enhances the productivity of workers, hiring managers, HR partners, and staffing firms while ensuring compliance. Utmost was founded in 2018 by industry leaders Annrai O’Toole, Dan Beck, and Paddy Benson, and is backed by Greylock Partners, Workday Ventures, and Mosaic Ventures.

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