We have a different world view on the future of work

It’s clearer today than ever before that the extended workforce market is one of growing strategic importance. We are growing closer to an inflection point where the majority of the average enterprise workforce will be made up of external workers (contingent staff, SOW workers, consultants, BPO workers, freelancers, independent contractors, and more).

To this end, we now see one of the largest HCM providers, Workday, has acquired VNDLY, a vendor management system (VMS), that focuses primarily on contingent workforce management. Yet, the VMS model is an outdated one that does not reflect or support how work gets done today or will get done in the future.

Utmost is doing something fundamentally different. We are changing the conversation from one that is just focused on vendor management to one focused on the realities of getting work done with an extended workforce with a series of intersecting and changing relationships between suppliers, workers and the enterprise. This is the vision of the Utmost Extended Workforce System (EWS), a platform that is independent, yet complementary to an HR or Procurement system. One where workers are in control of their data and their careers.

We believe this allows us an opportunity to continue to innovate without constraint to serve our customers and prospects as they optimize their extended workforces.

We invite you to learn more about our vision of extended workforce management by emailing us at

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