What's New in Utmost: Q1 2021

Enabling the ecosystem with end-to-end sourcing workflows and automation between enterprise applications

Streamline the requisition process with end-to-end, collaborative sourcing workflows

2021-04-08 2021 Q1 Release Webinar

Speed up requisitions and candidate submission through automated processes

After a hiring manager submits a request and it is approved, the program management office can route the requisition to the appropriate suppliers. The suppliers can then add workers from their own hub directly to the requisition. And they can also bulk upload a set of candidates with key information to match enterprise configurations such as job profiles.

Maintain quality talent with candidate consent to submission to reqs

Prevent suppliers from throwing all their candidates at you for a requisition by requiring candidates to consent to submission. This ensures candidates are available and aware of the opportunity and gives the worker more autonomy over choosing opportunities that best fit them.

Go beyond integration: Automate business processes between enterprise systems with Utmost Connect

Utmost Connect is a native integration platform for enterprises to build integrations and automate business process workflows. The platform Includes mapping, formatting, mediation, orchestration, and security. Because Utmost Connect is natively integrated with the Utmost data model, it can take less than one week to build an integration.

Easily configure how two enterprise applications interact with one another

Integrations between a vendor management system and a HCM typically require significant customization and maintenance to even achieve any form of automation. Utmost Connect gives the business user and HR IT teams the ability to easily configure the business process workflows from one application to another.

Because the integration platform is natively integrated into Utmost’s data model, your team won’t have to create additional data maps just to get started.

For example, you could:

  • Every hour provide a report on all workers who have been modified in the past hour including details of the change which occurred - for example change in Job or Contract extension
  • Provide a daily report on all leavers for the next 90 days
  • 24 hours before a worker is onboarded, send their details to a downstream identity management system to provision an account
  • If a worker is terminated, immediately rescind their site access in the badging system

Reduce third-party iPaaS costs

While many enterprises use an iPaaS to connect their vendor management system to other solutions, this raises initial costs and maintenance costs for IT and the business. Not only will you be paying for the software fee for the iPaaS, but the team will have to spend significantly more time setting up mediation between all the different systems and data models. Utmost Connect has all the essentials of an iPaaS that uses Utmost’s data model which is aligned with Workday’s own model.

Leverage Workday Studio to manage complex integrations

Because Utmost is exclusively built for Workday users, you can reuse existing integrations that you have already built with Workday Studio. There is no need to create a separate configuration or integration. Save your team’s time by leveraging your existing technology and configurations

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